Happy to Welcome You in Germany!

Turning a Good Idea Into Action

 Are you a student of German studies at Bristol University? Whether you're just starting out and want to enhance your language skills, or are a seasoned learner yet to explore Germany, or a frequent visitor keen on making new German friends, Hanover Hangout is for you. Or maybe you've heard the many tales of Hanover's historical connections with the UK and want to see it firsthand?

As HBG, our goal is to ease the challenges faced by young people from Britain when visiting Hanover and Germany. We strive to simplify the travel experience, facilitate connections, and support language learning for students. Last but not least, we recognize that the ongoing cost of living crisis hinders many students from travelling abroad. That's why we initiated the Hanover Hangouts programme in collaboration with the University of Bristol.

Hanover Hangout means: You book your travel arrangements to Hanover, either with a friend / partner or on your own. We'll find you a host family among our friendly and cool members in Hanover or the surrounding area. You'll have a place to sleep and can help yourself to some breakfast, along with tea or coffee in the morning. Your host family and the network of HBG members will be delighted to meet you, chat with you, give you a tour of Hanover, invite you for lunch or tea, or even ask you to join them for a concert or show.

Here's what we're offering you:

  • Free accommodation in the home of a private host family (HBG members), free simple breakfast and coffee/tea
  • Immersion in the German way of life including Familienanschluss (=family connection)
  • Stays for up to two weeks, depending on your plans
  • Host families in the city of Hanover or the region. We'll make sure there's a bus or train station nearby. 
  • The chance to meet and connect with members of all ages who are happy to converse with you in English or German, answer your questions, and show you around.
  • But of course, you'll still have plenty of time to spend on your own and explore the city.

Getting Started

 Please get in touch with
a. Steffan Davies / Department of German, University of Bristol
b. with HBG using the form below or via EMail to Catrin Kuhlmann.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name, age, and contact details.
  • Desired dates and the duration of your stay.
  • Indicate whether you are traveling alone or with a friend.
  • Specify your flexibility regarding the dates.
  • Inform us of any allergies or special requirements your host family should be aware of (especially as some HBG members have dogs or horses).
  • Share a bit about yourself, including your hobbies and interests and your motivation in traveling to Hanover. This helps us match you with the most suitable host family. 

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note:

- We give it our best shot, but since this is a volunteering programme, we can't promise to secure a host family for the specific dates you have in mind. Therefore, please reach out to us as early as you can, while your schedule is still adaptable. 

- Be aware that this programme is based on the idea of reaching out, making new friends and learning the language in Hanover. No worries if you're shy (many of us are too, but we'll manage)! If this doesn't quite appeal to you, it might be better to consider another option.

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